Architecture Studio

The Open Source Learning Lab is an undergraduate architecture design studio at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, led by Professor Mark Cabrinha.  The blog is used as an open record of the design studio and as a platform to project new ideas about learning environments. More information about Open Source Learning can be found in the about us section.

Big Picture

The blog is a vehicle to engage the studio as  a “think tank” or collective intelligence engaged around a common issue, in this case K-12 learning environments.  Each individual project becomes a unique and personal manifestation of the collective think tank.  The intent of the blog format is to support quick, somewhat impromptu, and visual posts from any one in the studio with little training required.  The blog then extends the studio beyond spatial confines, and importantly gives voice to those that may not be so quick to vocalize their thoughts in class, and provides a way to fold in and share external influences with the entire studio.