ECS Case Studies

What if we designed with the environment in mind?

Please share your Environmental Controls case studies as a resource for all.  We will now start using “Portfolio” instead of “Posts” for many assignments.  Click on Portfolio, and create a new “Project,” name it the name of your school.  Make sure the category for this project is ECS Case Studies.  Then inside this project (which appears exactly the same as the post editor), please do not post your PDF, but convert each page of the PDF as a single jpg image and upload.  Then, in the add media dashboard, select each individual image and  use the “create gallery” feature.   This will simply place this gallery in the project.  Make sure to set the “Featured Image” with an iconic image for your case study project.  If your project is not showing up in the ECS Case Studies area, it is either because you did not set the project category or did not set a featured image.