Final Reflection

Learn-by-doing is often thought to be demonstrated through the things we make, but in fact, reflection is a critical aspect of learning by doing.  We have done / seen / discussed an extraordinary amount over the last 20 weeks, it seems much much longer than this.  In this last and final blog post, I am asking each of you – and I will do the same – to reflect on the last 20 weeks through the following question:

What were the primary challenges you faced in designing for Open Source Learning environments?

Challenges can be positive / negative.  Challenges can be adventures, curiosities, as well as real road blocks you faced.  Most especially, challenges can be nagging questions that are present in your mind but still not resolved.

Please look back on this 20 week experience, and use the blog as a space to share your knowledge, linking back (literally with links in the post) to key moments or things said, as well as the work of the studio (whether yours or others) that connected with you.  Please do connect these reflective thoughts with images / artifacts to help make visible what these challenges were.

And lastly, while answers are nice, it is really the questions that drive us:

Are there any “big questions” that you are leaving this studio with?

Please do not reply to this post with comments as your answers, but rather, create a new reflective summary post answering these questions.