Intrinsic School Workshop

Yesterday morning, as we sat on the sunny roof deck of your hostel, over looking the amazing Chicago skyline, we prepped for our Inrinsic School visit.  I asked you to take the stance of a cultural anthropologist, as an ethnographer recording what we were “up to” and how the students reacted, especially having one member in the team as a notetaker.  In our dialogue after our amazing 30 minutes with 27 Intrinsic students, Benny was able to look at his notes, and connect what he was getting at with an exact quote for a student: this is powerful.  It places us there, in the event, and connects with a truly authentic experience.

Before this Monday morning (yes, this weekend while you are enjoying Chicago), each group should create a post from their experience.  There is a structure here to respond to, and we will use this in our workshop with IDEO on Monday afternoon (these questions are coming from IDEO).  In your post, follow this structure:

  • what was interesting / surprising about this experience (your perspective)?
  • what specific quotes / responses did the students have (their perspective)?
  • how did you feel before / during / after ?
  • what questions did this bring up for design?

This should be a “post” not a “project”.  Use the category “Intrinsic” and be sure to select category for each member of the team.  Be sure to set a “Featured Image.”  Please note: getting this content down now while it is fresh is most important.  If you can, please do compose with images, but this can be done later as well (as I am doing at this moment, just getting the assignment out, but will compose with images later).