OSLA: Final Portfolio

As a wrap-up to our 20 weeks together in the Open Source Learning Lab, create your final portfolio (project) of your work from Spring quarter.  Do not simply post the PDF of your final boards, but use the blog format to present graphically and verbally the intentions of the project, taking advantage of the web format to document process / interactive content.

This should include moving across the entire comprehensive nature of the project from concept of OSL all the way through to the wall section.  This should state in a clear declarative way what the project is about and how it works.

This will be the durable record of your studio project, so please take some time to prepare this, including final archival photographs of physical models.  Please do not embed hi resolution photos.  You will need to resize renders, diagrams, and photographs as appropriate to your layout – the smaller the file size the more responsive your portfolio will be (maximum pixel resolution of 2880 in either direction, which is still much larger than you will need for most images).

Use Portfolio Category “Spring Portfolio” as well as both teammates names.