San Diego Reflection

"What is the most important thing you saw in San Diego that has the greatest impact on learning in the 21st Century?"

While hopefully your head is a flurry of thoughts and inspirations from our amazing 3 days in San Diego, filter out the noise and make a stand: what do you think is the single most important thing? 

Connect Image with Idea

The central point here is to connect image with idea: tell a story about learning in the 21st Century through something you saw while in San Diego.  By connecting image with idea, we can connect aspects of/in the physical environment that connect to critical attributes of 21st Century Learning.

Details: Create a blog post using the category “San Diego”.   Use a simple post title that refers to the subject of your post.  Be sure to set a “Featured Image” for your post (found at the lower right of the side bar) and be sure to use this image in your post as well.   Write a succinct paragraph of how this has the greatest impact on learning.  You certainly can use more than one image – but there should be a dominant image that tells the story.  Please use Visual Composer in your post to compose text and image.

Don’t have a photograph but have the image in your head?  Go ahead and post your thoughts now while they are fresh, and search for the image through shared photos…but hopefully you took pictures, or even made sketches that you can use.

After you have connected image with idea, please use this as a lead-in to continue your reflection on how this single most important thing connected to other things you saw or heard (or smelled!) that impacts learning in the 21st Century.  A bulleted list with succinct text would be great.  Please remember your audience.  You may want to journal (or already have) at length about your experience, but use this post as a succinct record connecting your experience with more generalized ideas about learning in the 21st century that we can all identify with.

These posts will be arranged on our Field Study menu, and we will also work on creating a photo album on this page as well – so you don’t need to worry about capturing every image.