Winter Quarter Portfolio

What's your vision for the Open Source Learning Academy?

Create your final portfolio for Winter Quarter translating your final review boards for the screen.  Focus on letting the images tell the story, but do provide succinct text to help connect image with idea.  Focus on making the pitch for your vision of the OSL Academy first, then you can describe the design process: pitch then process.  In other words, don’t make your portfolio a linear narrative of your design process, but project your vision first.   Be confident in your text – its ok here to use a declarative sentence: “The Open Source Learning Academy is a place for….”  After you have made your clear presentation of your final project, then you can go into your design process and decision making.  This matters so that others can understand your reasoning.  Please use the blog as a reference in this process, and link back to particular moments or insights that came out through your posts or projects, or others posts – close the loop between your final project and the studio process.

Please keep in mind:

  • Use a 4-column grid in Visual Composer.  This can be a full image (4/4), four images across (1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/4), evenly divided (1/2 + 1/2) or subdivided asymmetrically ( 1/4 + 3/4).  Please use these different configurations of the 4-column grid as appropriate to your graphic communication, please don’t just use one of these for the entire portfolio.
  • Animated GIF’s and sliders can be great, but please don’t overuse them.  Use these features carefully only when they help you communicate (model development, or perhaps multiple levels of floor plans).  Make sure the pixel dimensions are identical (especially in pixel height) so the image height doesn’t bounce around.
  • Use the “quote” feature to draw attention to text such as opening your project with a question, or a confident declarative sentence.
  • Just like your hero image (kill shot) on your boards drawing people in, do the same with your on-line portfolio opening image.
  • Resize your images for screen resolution, this can often be very small (800 pixels), with maximum image size of 2560 pixels x 1600 pixels ONLY if you intend to click on the image and have it enlarge to full screen.  Keep your image sizes low, and your portfolio will load much faster.
  • Use portfolio (project) category “Winter Portfolio” as well as your name (now added to portfolio category).
  • Make your project name meaningful.
  • Go back through each of your posts and portfolio (project) posts adding the category with your name, and team members names when applicable, to your posts and projects.  These will then filter to your individual blog home page.
  • This will be the durable record of your work from this quarter for years to come.  This is your portfolio of work from this studio this quarter, and you can continue to point to it long after this studio is over.