4 designs . 3 families . 1 school

"The story starts when you walk inside. With openness and freedom, every student is encouraged to begin a new chapter of thinking each day."


Designing a building is more than just having a cool facade or being LEED certified. When you design a building, you are telling an ongoing story of the people who inhabit the space. For this high school project, I aimed to focus on the story I could tell as students first arrive at school and how they interact throughout their day. Right when students get off the bus to start their day at OSLA they are drawn to enter through the extruding, curved glass entrance. As they excitedly walk into the school, they are overcome with openness and light that sparks their want to learn. Nothing is holding them back from their true potential. As the students go about their day, they circulate around the building to get from class to class and floor to floor. This allows them to see what their fellow classmates are working on. Thus inspiring them to think of new ideas or join in collaboration with other students.