Hearts has really developed into a cohesive 21st century learning environment. The idea of Open Source Learning and being able to find your identity in the DESIGN AREAS allows for students to feel extremely comfortable in who they are. Through the clusters, students are able to develop life skills like communication and discipline to be able to excel in general classes. Hearts incorporated these necessary aspects of OSLA, but also some of it’s own. The CLUSTER is not just a space that allows for students to sit in a lecture type class, there are a variety of spaces within the “classroom” to accommodate for all types of learners and class dynamics. These spaces include individual, team and socratic seminars work areas, along with an enclosed space for a lab or area for testing. These clusters at Hearts are split into skill levels, level 3-beginner, level 4-intermediate, and level 5-advanced. In comparison to our school system now, students are in classes mainly based on their age and year rather than what they are truly successful in. Hearts allows for students to succeed and grow where need be. On the same floor as clusters, a HOMEROOM is also placed. This allows for students to keep a home base on campus and to stay connected with the students they entered school with regardless of skill levels and design focuses. An area for students to stay connected and involved within Hearts. COMMUNITY is engaged through the main entrance and the central atrium that connects the design area side and the cluster side.

Hearts allows for students to find themselves, be themselves and express themselves; academically and socially.


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