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"Before I talk about the school, I have to tell you about the learning philosophy"

"The project begins to make sense when the concept of learning overlaps with the concept of integration"

Project Reflection

Coming to another close to another quarter of architecture I always notice a common theme, I have a set of images, models, documentation, drawings that are meant to represent an idea expressed through a building. Typically, in the case of every other quarter I find the deliverables that represent the project are usually much more provocative and interesting than the building itself. Through representation, the building appears to make a lot of sense, but as the designer, I see all the inherent flaws that I choose not to expose through representation.

This quarter is different. I can confidently say that this quarter’s project’s design is the first one I am actually proud of. Although, the relationship between representation and the project have flipped. This quarter I spent much more time thinking about concepts and the theory behind the building’s design that I typically would. As a result, representation may not be as satisfying as I would like it to be. There is an important take-away to this relationship. In the case of this quarter, I can gladly continue to produce deliverables to the point where I can show them in my own work-portfolio,┬áto be used to represent myself to other firms.

Schools create an interesting realm within architecture. The nice part is that they are not meant to be designed over really extensive periods of time. The sooner the students occupy the building, the sooner the building pays itself off. Given my past experience designing schools, from Spring quarter second year, my project this quarter, and visiting Sacramento to attend the Coalition for Adequate Student Housing [C.A.S.H] I would consider the pursuit of designing educational facilities because it seems to be a very redeeming and fulfilling type of work.