"Our society needs talented individuals, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs."

What do 21st century schools look like? What about them is different than schools today? What is the future of the education system? When posed these questions 10 weeks ago, the biggest flaw I saw in the educational system we have today, is the way we sort students. The current education system was good in the industrial revolution, when our society needed was mass production. Today, our society needs talented individuals, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs; the kind of people our current schooling system does not produce. My solution to this problem? Getting rid of all the restrictions boxing in current students, and allowing them to learn and grow at their own pace. Students should not be grouped by age, but by ability and interests, so that they expand their knowledge in the subjects they excel in with peers and mentors that support them and have knowledge in the same areas. We no longer need people that are mediocre at everything, we need people that are very passionate about a select few things, to better and expand the world we live in today.

To accomplish this, my floors are laid out with the four main design “majors” in each corner, and the three “grade” levels connecting the majors. Once a student has shown they have mastered all of the topics in their “grade,” they move up to the next one, regardless of age or time during the school year. Because collaboration and integration of the designs is heavily encouraged, all of the classrooms and labs have sliding glass doors to connect to each other for bigger group lessons, and there are no individual desks. Students sit in groups (either inside or outside the classrooms) and learn and grow at their own pace, along with their peers.