commons come close

"how can a space be divided into smaller components to make one whole rather than 3 or 4 separate entities?"

how can a space or in our case a school with four very distinct and independent field of study be united and share an environment without creating “cliques” ? My response came through into two very abstract and simplified diagrams. I viewed my school as a circle made up from many different smaller, overlapping, and interlocking circles. Although all of the students should become experts per se in their individual field of study, they will have to intercommunicate and exchange information among their peers in the different fields just like they would in a real world setting.

architecturally one of the methods was through the commons. the commons is like the hallway, lounge area where everyone has an opportunity to inter-mingle. it’s the spaces within the clusters that are made up of two lab spaces and two collaborative classroom spaces. between bells is when i imagine the commons to be used the most.

Commons Diagram

the method of splitting the space was first adding the two angled lines that form the shape of a trapezoid with the lower, wider side opening up to the views of the courtyard and the more narrow part of the trapezoid bringing a focus into the labs and commons space. the labs and collaborative spaces are defined as the lighter peach colors in the right image. the next step was to adding the two horizontal lines through the commons and classrooms so circulation can cut through the clusters completely therefore maximizing the intercommunication of the students in different fields.

the other methods include the bridge gallery that connects both ends of the school building. it is the main circulation pathway currently connecting two levels but not only does it serve as a large circulation/hangout space, the bridge gallery is a display place for all the current and/or finished projects going on throughout the school with a smaller more isolated cantilever area of refuge to contrast from the more social spots. finally the central exterior courtyard overlooked by the whole school. it is located right in the center of the building surrounding by it on all sides and there is direct access to it from almost every side as well.