Intertwine [OSLA]

Original Ideas

When I went into the mid review, there were still a couple of questions I had myself that I wanted to look for answers in my reviews. My model was also not to the needed size with program inside. After finally working with form and adding program square footage into my building, I realized it was way to big and definitely could be sized down which is an easy change for after mid-review. After attending high school myself, and knowing how hard it is to mix everything you do. It use to be unheard of to be involved in athletics, be focused on your academics and to have free time, at the Open Source Learning Academy, I want students to be able to be involved in more than one focus without it being unheard of. I want students to be able to easily see what their other colleagues are doing. By having the “wings” focused on one area, allowed for students to have one focus but also be able to collaborate or also work with the wing that closely touched it. I felt Culinary and Industrial should be focused together, but cross related to Organizational and Media which were focused together. All four of the focuses can work together, so it was hard to “separate” them, but not necessarily have them apart.

Post Mid-Review Ideas

After the mid-review, I have a number of things to focus on. The first is to focus on sizing down my design so it does not have too much unneeded space. The second is to focus on my idea of what I want OSLA to be, and have it show in my design throughout plan and section. I need to take advice I got from critiques to work more with the site, to allow for my form to connect or finish, and to explore more of the double height and varying space heights. If I want the focuses to overlap I think there might be a better way to attain this goal then the current way I am trying to have them work together. I was told to look at the geometries I am creating through my form and how those could also affect spaces within my building. Also to look at spaces that must be a certain size that could follow the more rectangular areas in my form, and other spaces could fit more freely in other spaces. I also am going to look at expressing larger spaces differently than smaller spaces, so there is a visible difference. I have a lot of ideas I need to pursue in the next few weeks, so I need to start focusing.