When first designing my project, with the ideas of what I wanted my school to be, the idea of linkage kept appearing over and over. Linkage between grades, between focuses, and between interests became very needed with my idea to have an entirely well rounded school. I wanted students to be able to like and be a part of what they wanted to be a part of regardless of age, class schedules, or what they are expected to do. An ideal student at OSLA would have the freedom to be consumed by one focus, or to be different with all four focuses. This idea I wanted to portray over into the building and form itself. The idea of single and double loaded corridors for a space fueled the overall idea, and how those spaces would come together. I realized that having a wing for a focus, and where focuses would overlap would become the cluster was the best fit. These clusters would be split amongst grade levels from 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12. This would allow for students to mix between grades and with what they liked, to allow for collaboration in all aspects of the Open Source Learning Academy.

At the end of this quarter, and my final review, I realized there is still a large amount of exploration and work to be done with my project. Like most of my critiques said, I need to explore more with a horizontal connection especially with the change from the industrial wing to the entrance and organizational space. The distance between the two and the idea of having to go all the way through each space to move up levels is way too extreme to be useful or beneficial for anyone using the space. Exploring my building and idea through section more and with an addition of a horizontal element would be extremely beneficial for my project in the future.