Midreview – and what comes next

The evolution of my design (and my thought process) has definitely been an interesting one. I came into this quarter’s studio thinking I had everything pretty figured out. I had a certain design approach and “process”, I felt pretty good about my digital capabilities, etc. But as the quarter has progressed, and we are now embarking upon week 8, I’ve realized I still have a long way to go.

One of the most difficult parts about this project so far has been balancing the lesson of working on design from the inside-out, with the concept of forming shapes and typologies that could be practical for the site, program, and the eye. I just couldn’t quite mesh them together nicely. I finally figured it out after endless attempts of various interpretations of my typology/program, and placed a focus upon creating collaborative, educational spaces whilst maintaining a comfortable, movable atmosphere that allowed students to connect with each other.

During my review, one of the most regular comments I received was to work more upon section. I definitely find this a weak point for myself as a “designer.” These next few weeks I plan on immersing myself within the world of section and the possibilities it holds. Section is an extremely efficient method of showcasing not just environmental building strategies, but the overall “feel” of the project. I have always attempted at creating this picture through detailed plans and renderings, but I always left section to the last minute, when really I should have been investing a good majority of my time into it.

What I will be also working on, is implementing more playful but dynamic design strategies into my building. After visiting the different schools in San Diego, I now have a much clearer picture as to what I plan on adding onto my project (if anything, there’s too many choices). I plan on integrating the concept of classroom transparencies from within the building. I also plan on incorporating exposed structures and spaces that have a variety of ceiling heights, furniture arrangements, color splashes, and materials. Many of these elements could also be dissected more thoroughly through section.

So yes, section. section. section!!