Open Source: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Ever since the mid review, I have had several epiphanies about which direction to head next on my project. I am excited to re-explore section with no fear of a move too drastic. I will spread out my forest of columns among the open plan spaces of the Open Source Learning Academy. I will use egress and level changes to integrate human movement with the natural landscape. I can now slowly process the pros and cons of the sites I have visited to craft a truly inspiring space to gain knowledge and explore the world. As I continue on, I will pursue more transparency between the physical classrooms. Spaces will be defined not only by infill walls, but also hanging pods or exposed structure or flowing surfaces and so much more. I have found the soul of my project, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

mid review model 3From an outside-in approach, I developed a form that would work with the environment, stepping up the hill gradually. Thinking back to my subtraction game -[720┬░], I first decided where to leave open space, that would serve as either atrium space or courtyard space. From there, I considered an approximate size that would be able to hold the program. Slowly, I would push and pull edges and faces to mark travel directions, adjust to daylighting, and open up the interior plan as much as I could.

render 2This large atrium serves as the central gathering spot for the entire school. With a raised platform on the ground floor, and lowered balcony areas on the higher floors, the entire volume comes together to unite the school. In a normal day, the busy activity of students surround this atrium that is filled with people studying, eating, or socializing.

render 3From another angle, one can see the forest of columns that defines larger areas for group study along with pockets for independent study. This element adds to the think tank “aquarium” atmosphere that allows for transparency and self-driven learning habits. Everyone can take their own pace and settle where comfort can be found.