Sight lines from one form to another provide a visual connection between cohorts of students. The connection of cohorts to disciplines can start to form more complex relationships. The disciplines each have specific needs and connection to the other disciplines, which form spaces for collaboration. After diagramming and forming relations between all four disciplines, organizational seemed to form the most connections with the rest. Media was also connected to all disciplines, but culinary and product didn’t form a direct relationship to one another. Collaborative projects between all disciplines is possible, but unlikely for all projects.

Students form groups of all sizes for projects, but using Dunbar’s number series provides students with ideal group sizes. There are opportunities for individual projects, small groups of 5, larger groups of 15 and then to class size. From there, two classes come together to form a group of 50 and the whole cohort provides a total of 150 students. The diagram is more focused on the relationship of disciplines, but within the bars, the different sizes for groups start to emerge, not always inside the box.