The Heart: A Central Force

OSLA c/o 2016

"The heart is the force that binds the school community and creates the connection through each unit of a collective whole."

The Open Source Learning Lab is a school for the 21st century in which students work to create networks and connections with peers of different interests of them, which results in a flow of ideas. The students learn basic skills in cohorts of 150, and then break off into individual design areas based on their own interests. How groundbreaking; let students chose what they wish to learn. Students become masters of said design group, then break off to create networks with other interest groups, merging different principles of design to craft highly developed skills and projects applicable in the real world. Students then take their design groups and carefully formed networks back to the heart of the school, where they exchange ideas and perspectives to take out into the world. Its learning for the 21st century.


The Learning Networks diagram became the central point of my design, in which the concept became all spaces of the school revolve around a central “heart,” and the heart was then translated to different scales. Working with program, and developing the idea of a central space within each layer, there became a series of three hearts: the circulation around central gathering stairway of the school, each individual design interest surround the main portion of the school, and each cluster opening out to a shared common space. The heart allowed for compact organization and a very radial form of circulation.