Iterate, iterate, iterate. This was our theme for the quarter. The four models shown above were our first iterations, experimenting with different variations on the form we inherited from Sammi. Our original goal for the form was to make the building more connected while still keeping outdoor areas within the building.


  • Arms connecting clusters
  • Two levels in clusters for viewpoints
  • Viewing others working
  • Choosing what you want to study based on interests
  • Interaction between different grades in interest areas and same grade in clusters

"the struggle was real"

That geometry set out, it felt never ending in the beginning. Although, I think the struggling through this piece helped solidify our project. The end result was on every document. Every rhino file, every illustrator file. Always in the background, it was a good reminder to stay on track and make the floor plans more cohesive. The darker lines represent structural grid lines (which were modified for the actual framing plan), making everything offset 10 feet from the courtyards. This allows for the courtyards to end less abruptly, hopefully allowing that space to be more indoor/outdoor rather than just interior space.


Steel allows us to span the longer distances we have in the arms, but it also ties into the cantilever. The cantilever uses a two story truss that wraps around every side of the cantilever. In the arms, we wanted the columns to be visible from the exterior, providing a piece to draw your eye.



Ceramic rods with mixed colors provide an interesting, slightly textured facade intermixed with curtain walls, matching the verticality of the rods. The fins on the cantilever are also ceramic (terra cotta) but form a longer extruded shape for more shading. The fins match the colors of the baguettes, forming a continuity between the cantilever and what’s under neath it.

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