Week 6 Runthrough

Process Massing Models

The massing model process allows for the task of playing with building typologies and the manipulation of landscape to go through multiple renditions until certain formal and environmental qualities were met. Initially, the formal quality of the building based around on an internal courtyard through a bar topology; however, the bar typology lacked certain sectional properties and did not take advantage of daylight. From the boomerang form, a set of four shapes was developed to maximize daylight and create a connection with the modular clusters the board game generated. This move simplified the structure of the building and programing, while bridging the gap between the inside-out and outside-in approach.

These four shapes shifted my typology studies away from the long thick bar to a system of stacked broken finger, while still maintaining internal courtyards. Courtyards provide classrooms, labs, and galleries the opportunity to spill outside, allowing students and faculty a variety of work environments. Also, given the climate of Avila Beach, this seemed like a logical move for occupant comfort as well as it created the opportunity for students to have a central gathering or collaborative space. The broken finger typology also generated cantilevers, which were located near the parking to give a strong sense of entry.

Final Mass-Glass Model

Spatial Renders

Floor Plans