In terms of design, prior to San Diego I struggled to design my building. By seeing the many possibilities in terms of shape, size,  and program I can now see how section can be incorporated. Spaces do not have to be crammed up due to spatial limitations and/or height limitation. For example, In the e3 civic high school located in the 6th and 7th floor of the new San Diego Public Library, was in a way designed and planned out last minute; the construction was already in place when the designs for the school itself were being developed. However, during the visit never did I feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable crammed into small spaces of the school because there were none. The architects at LPA did a great job in incorporating designing in section when adding the grand staircase.

Many niches could be found throughout the school mainly in the more circulated areas with the opportunity of displaying student art work or simply to be used as hang out space. The dual purpose spaces and furniture allow for much flexibility and opportunity for students to enhance their learning.

I plan on taking away from this field trip the many different method of “common spaces” utilized as well as the different ideas of clusters and collaboration each of the three campuses we visited had to offer. By experimenting with many more iterations and thinking in section adjacently to plan to achieve a much more liveable and comfortable place for students to learn.