Final Portfolio Assignment

Your final portfolio displays the comprehensive development of your proposed project from conceptual diagram to wall section.  To make the story visible through the screen, two templates have been created.  Each template begins with the same information, developed from the Phase One template.  From there both templates are very different in nature.  The first template “Final Portfolio_Linear” uses headings to group like content with like content.  The second template “Final Portfolio_Integrated”will take more thought on your end to integrate diagram, plans, immersive images etc on the screen.  This template gives examples and strategies for how to compose on the screen with a 4 column grid.

You can choose which template you wish to use, but please be mindful of the story you develop through the portfolio.  The content is the same content you used for your final presentation, but reformatted for the screen.  PLEASE note that both templates give exact pixel sizes and DPI for the screen.  These will help keep consistent formatting of the studio projects, but is critical in keeping load times to a minimum.  Use Image Size and Canvas Size in Photoshop to adjust your pixel dimensions and DPI.

This text will be replaced with a brief introduction of the project and studio.  A link with your portfolios will be sent to all of the people that have supported us over the last 6 months (!!) from our San Diego study tour, to Chicago, and most of all HTH CV.

You are most welcome to add content, or make content for the screen such as animated GIFs where appropriate.  You will need to photograph your model – please make sure to include process models etc.  As a reminder, this is how to use the photo lights in studio.  Make sure the transmitter on the back of the strobe lights is turned on, and has good batteries.

Full Background Money Shot

Both templates start with a full page money shot and title.  This is not set within the template, but in the portfolio settings page.  So first things first, make sure you start by making a portfolio (not a post or page).  After you create your new portfolio, scroll down to the bottom to see the options aw indicated at the right.

  1. Project Title Options – select Title on Background Image
  2. Background Image must be 1920 pixels wide by 1000 pixels high @ 72 dpi
  3. Make sure image is set to “no repeat”
  4. Select Fullscreen Background
  5. Set Background Color Opacity to 0.