We will use the website portfolio for your mid-term presentation.   We will project this for the review with the intention of using the webpage to structure a coherent and linear progression of a non-linear process.  Mid-Terms will be in studio on Friday Friday, February 24th and Monday, February 27th.  

A portfolio theme named “Mid-Term” has been created graphically organizing the content below.  Use this theme as a starting point being free to modify it as you wish.  Focus should be on graphic communication, only providing very succinct text where necessary.  The theme uses single images to position graphics, but these could be sliders or other image features.

Use Project Categories “Mid-Term Concept Development” and select your name from the project categories.

Each presentation should have the following:

Learning Network Diagrams: Concept / Program Analysis

Design Question and Guiding Principle(s)

Look back to San Diego reflections, developing one primary design prompt along with its guiding principle.  Do include additional guiding principles and sub questions as you see fit.  But fewer can be better: it focuses what you are after.

Precedent examples / Inspiration (optional)

Massing Models

This should be a series of study modelings building up to a more final laser cut 1/64″ mass/glass model.  See the following intructables link for development of this process.   Challenge: can you take this approach one step further, not being inspired by your puzzles, to think how these volumes might link or attach together?  Can you introduce color to represent program areas?  One major caveat of this mass-glass approach is the roof or other expressive forms can be left out, so please feel free to introduce 3d printed elements with this mass-glass model.  However, don’t just print the whole thing, as it would avoid the developmental thinking of this mass-glass approach.

Plan Development

The mass/glass massing models are intended as an integrated workflow generating simple plans from single line drawings while you are thinking in more spatially in terms of massing and volume.  These plans can be small –  1/32″ and yet still be very descriptive.  While some details of level of development are given in the above instructables, this link gives a little more of a play by play development.

Site Plan

Your site plan should address primary vehicular approach to site leading to parking.  Importantly, the design question here is the approach from the car, and then on foot how these leads to the entry sequence introducing the project.  For parking on our sloped site, there are really only two approaches for us to consider:

1. Terracing can be used to follow contours yet taming the site a bit.  Use 60′ wide for a double drive aisle with parking on both sides.  Each 100′ will accommodate 24 cars, though this does not include driveway access to this parking terrace.

2. Parking deck insert.  Cutting into the hillside provide a retaining wall one one or two sides can be an economically way to increase parking density.  If its only a couple levels high, these open decks can be hidden a bit in the hillside, instead of trying to make his a parking garage.  Dimensions similar to terracing, or could be 120′ wide to create two drive aisles and 4 layers of parking.  These dimensions don’t include ramping, just FYI.

Tell-the-tale Section

While your plan development can be schematic, at least one section should focus on being expressive.  How does this section link back to your conceptual thinking in the learning network diagram?  While it may be more convenient to have a single section that you can communicate your project through, this may not be possible.

Immersive Perspectives

The role of these immersive perspectives is to test your 3d model for spatial opportunities.  Got space?  These immersive perspectives should connect to your section and program analysis highlighting moments of intense interaction etc.  The render quality is up to you, the critical aspect is looking at the potential for spatial qualities.  However, these should not just be screen shots, but should be developed with scale figures etc.