San Diego Reflection


Reflect on a single experience / inspiration / issue from our San Diego trip that can form a guiding principle for our studio project.   This should not develop from an abstract idea, but something you directly experienced on our trip: Sunday’s walking tour, our day-long workshop at HTH CV, office tours, or self-guided tour of HTH. This reflection can be positive – something you saw that inspired you – but could also be critical – something you saw that perhaps had the right ambition, but was not executed well.

Connect Image with Idea 

Please be sure to connect your simple succinct text with images from our trip that reinforce what you are saying.  In this way, the guiding principle each studio member creates connects to our shared experience, and can become a guiding principle for all.


Due Friday at 1pm.  In Visual Composer, choose template “San Diego”.  The template provides additional details on this reflection blog post.