It has been a long, challenging 20 weeks in the open source learning lab. But I can confidently come out of it knowing I learned a lot and will always look at the world and education in a different way because of this class.

Challenges? So many. It was a very complex social problem that we were all trying our best to solve. The main challenge for me was validating my reasoning for things. Working with a partner, he would always ask why do you want to do that instead of this? And I quickly learned that I needed to learn to back up my reasoning for my choices. When I worked alone, I never ran into this problem. I will now think things through on a deeper level whenever I design. Another challenge, I think we all had, was communication. We all had to learn how to say things and re-say things in different ways to better explain them to our partner because the first go around wasn’t always successful in explaining things. One more challenge (but was also very helpful in the end) I had was working with another person. It was difficult at times because we wanted different things, and in the end I had to learn to look at things in a different light because my partner was looking at them in a different way than I was that I hadn’t considered before. In the end, I am glad we were partnered up because it was so much easier to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and talk about different possibilities about where we wanted our project to go.

Questions I still have? Kind of similar questions to what Ellie was getting at, what about the students who don’t have an interest in any of the interest groups or that just can’t find their niche? What about the outliers? Will they be lost and miss out on open source learning? Or over time will they find an interest group/create their own interest group with what they like?