Now that you have had reviews at LPA in San Diego, as well as more typical formal reviews on campus yesterday, please update the blog with a post on your project as you presented it in these reviews.  Do not simply post a PDF of your presentation, but rather, use the blog format to present your project supplementing your visual presentation with complementary – but brief – description.  How would you present your project on-line if you were not there to present it personally?  AND, in addition, add what feedback you heard from the reviews noting areas you need to focus on.

Yonné has already provided a very nice example of this.


  1. Please use the category “Process” for this post.
  2. Your images can be small to flow with the text, but note if you upload a slightly larger image size, if you click on the image then you can see the larger image.  This is important for areas with details, such as plans.
  3. However, make sure you downsize your images.  Wordpress will automatically create  three sizes of your image.  The largest size is the one you upload.  The 15″ MBP Retina display is 2880 x 1800 pixels, but even that is pretty huge, Full HD is 1920 x 1080 pixels which is a good rule of thumb for maximum size.  A little bigger is no big deal, but if everyone uploads large files it will slow down the blog and how we interact with it.

DUE by 1pm on Friday (2/20/15)