In this spatial and programmatic exercise, our approach was based around some key principles. First, the creation of a central courtyard or quad area, which all of the surrounding buildings have both visual and physical access to. Second, we defined the programmatic elements as follows: yellow being quiet spaces(reading, quiet study, or computer labs), purple being loud spaces(active learning, labs, or workshops), grey being office/administration/support spaces, and the clear blocks as enclosed and transparent interstitial/social spaces. Clear blocks would allow for visual connections from classrooms and the exterior, while creating an acoustical barrier for its occupants. In this block orientation, a sort of necessary and natural physical separation of these program elements is apparent. The segregation creates spaces that can take on their own character within the program groupings because of the room in between each group. For example, noise that may come from shops or labs in the purple block (active/social learning) will not interfere with what might be library spaces, computer labs, and other quiet study spaces in the yellow block. Each program cluster faces onto the quad, and includes a clear block adjacent to its side facing the quad on at least the ground level.


The idea there was to create a buffer for each learning space off the outdoor court that was interactive/transparent, but still a closed environment. These spaces may possibly be used to showcase student work, act as social/break spaces, and can change to support whichever type of rooms border them. Included in this design is a large gathering space for the student body, used for events, assemblies, presentations, etc. We placed this on one of the four sides of the quad to give it an equal amount of access to this main space as the other program clusters, and connected it to the purple block because their purposes are most alike, and will both serve more group needs/activities as opposed to individual ones. IMG_0676     IMG_0690

-Stephanie Manson-Hing, Robbie Willcock, Taylor Silleman