SLO High | Alex and Lauren




Alex and I really started this project recognizing that Cynthia’s project had a clear formal organization with a strong sense of circulation and enclosure. However, we were not fully satisfied with the concept of redefining the library in the 21st century, and as such tried to resolve within our own projects as well as others, what sort of concept we thought would be supported, and supportive, of this project. In doing so, we developed a mutual desire to explore social learning in addition to academic learning by really working to understand non-traditional classroom spaces as areas in which significant learning still occurs. We also tossed around the idea of developing this social aspect of learning as something playful that can be intimate both in larger groups, but also on the smaller scale. Yet, in moving forward, we really worked on creating a formal resolve in this project. In doing so, we started to think less about this conceptual development and let the architecture start to resolve that for us.       Learning in the 21st century is far too regimented, with class schedules that can often bore students, leaving them uninspired, unmotivated, and lacking enthusiasm. Schools far too often teach to meet the standards outlined by the state, but do not work to excite, engage, and interest students. Fine and technical arts are often put on the back burner, receiving whatever is left over from the school’s budget, and as such many school’s see to most cuts in their arts department. Community involvement, as such, is very limited, as their involvement generally stems from a desire to support these arts programs. As such, we are working to develop a high school that not only reinvents what learning looks like in the 21st century by working to celebrate both academic and social learning by means of collaborative classrooms and flex spaces, but also to celebrate the arts by having them be prominent within the school. Moving forward, we intend to really nail down the story we wish  to tell about learning in the 21st century and support that story as the development of this project continues to unfold.