There are three general components for the Open Source Learning Academy: the academy itself, the OSL Foundation and Retreat Center, and guest faculty residences.  The program for the OSL Academy can be found here, with this post focusing on the Foundation + Retreat Center and Guest Faculty Residences.

OSL Foundation + Retreat Center

While the OSL Academy can be seen as a flagship model of OSL here on the central coast, Open Source Learning is part of an international movement.  While there are pockets of innovative approaches to student-centered learning literally all over the world, the OSL Foundation provides a resource to catalyze this as as movement.  The assumption in this program is that spatial needs for administration for the OSL Academy will be shared or crossover with the OSL Foundation.

OSL Foundation
OSL Academy Administration
  • Principal / Asst Principal Offices:   150 s.f. each
  • Reception / Administration area:   300 s.f.
    • Assume space for two admins
  • Copy Room / Files / Staff Room:   300 s.f.
  • Nurse / Health Office:                    150 s.f.
  • Conference / Board Room:            300 s.f.
OSL Foundation Administration
  • Executive Director:                      150 s.f. +
  • Assist. Director:                           150 s.f.
  • Open Office Work Area:       +/-  600 s.f.
    • about 4-6 people working with web-design, publications, and on-line toolkit.
  • Assumption: share reception and admin support, and Board Room with OSL Academy Admin.
OSL Foundation Retreat Center

In addition to the OSL Foundation’s strong on-line presence, the foundation will host conferences and retreats.  To what extent this retreat center is incorporated into the academy is open to interpretation.  When not used for conferences, this area is likely to be used for staff meetings and workshops.  As the teachers in the OSL Academy are perhaps one of the greatest resources to those attending a retreat here, one may take into consideration adjacency or cross-over use for teacher offices and/or lounge.   While perhaps small in square footage relative to the rest of the program, the retreat center should leave an impression on what OSL is all about.

  • Two Studio sized rooms: 1,500 s.f. each
    • can be combined into single 3,000 s.f. room for large events

Approximate total for OSL Foundation:

  • OSL Academy Admin:   1 ,350 s.f.
  • OSL Foundation Admin:   900 s.f.
  • OSL Retreat Center:      3,000 s.f.

    5,250 s.f. + 20 % Grossing Factor (circulation and MEP): 6,300 s.f.

Guest Faculty Residences

Central to the pedagogical approach of OSL Learning is to bring outside mentors and teachers into the learning environment.  With the climate and character along the central coast, the residences provide accommodations for guests from all over the world integrated with their time at OSL Academy.   The duration of residency is not defined, but one can assume that those staying as guest faculty are taking a deep-dive into OSL regardless of their duration.  As guest faculty may have families of their own, the OSL Guest Faculty residences provides housing for both families and individuals.

  • 2-3 suites, shared with four individuals providing private bedrooms, but shared living / kitchen area:  800-1000 s.f. each
  • 2-3 family apartments: 800-1000 s.f. each

    Approximate area for residences 6,000 s.f.