LTL_Building+82_4Many of you have been asking about techniques and / or inspiration for sections and section perspectives.  I have always admired, as many have, the incredible section perspectives of Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis.  As they will tell you, these are incredible labors of love (including photoshopping the office staff into their perspectives).   What I like most about their choice of representation is that they have control of line (vector) – whether hand drawn or digital, in my view, is not the issue.  LTL_Upside+House_04For example, in an early project, the upside down house, what I admire most about this section perspective is how they are able to include the hidden lines of the stair and the cantilevered building form to help communicate the architectural concept – it brings clarity and understanding, while also graphically has character.  Also note the careful composition of the view – typically at eye level and with bias toward one side to emphasize a particular space.  LTL_Nazareth_03For example, in the Nazareth House, note how the section perspective is biased toward this sliver exterior space complete with koi.  The choice of representation complements the concept.

Personally, I think the hand drawn gives great texture, but really isn’t necessary.  A similar control of line can be had digitally – it’s about control of line, not how the line is drawn.

This is just one example, and today you have many resources to look at: pinterest is your friend here.  I did a search in pinterest for section perspective and got an incredible list of visual examples.  Don’t forget pinterest was started by an architect….LTL_TaipeiMuseum_2