by Jeffrey Skilling and Erik Yarosh


Today’s high school curriculum does not create the learning environment necessary to foster the passion and depth of knowledge needed to be successful in the working world. The project based curriculum of the OSL Academy remodels the standard high school education by offering educational opportunities through 5 interest zones: Product, Media, Culinary, Organizational, and Wellness.

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But, what does it mean to Open Source It??? First, it begins when you “See It” or experience an OSL space or product. Based on your personal interests you may chose to “Learn It”. After learning, it is time to “Do It”. This is when you put the skills and knowledge you learned in the classroom setting and synthesize this information into a physical learning assignment, bridging the conceptual nature of schooling with the practicality of apprenticeship. Lastly, it is time to “Show It.” Regardless of their location on campus, students are constantly being exposed (Seeing It) to the work of other students and faculty creating a never-ending cycle of knowledge flowing from student to student.

Learn it-Do It2See_LearnDo_Show

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We chose reinforced concrete as our primary structural system for it’s aesthetic qualities. Our intentions are to show a structural contrast between a massive, beton-brut concrete structure and an elegant, light weight (ETFE) roof.

Structure Axon

To take advantage of the Central California Climate we are using a decoupled system of stack ventilation and radiant slabs. The enclosure of the ETFE membrane is raised to allow natural breezes to circulate into the building, absorb heat and expel it through the roof through operable vents at the top of the tubes.


For our exterior cladding we used multilayer ETFE. ETFE is relatively new and hold great benefits such as low cost, low maintenance, and spans ranging from fifteen to two hundred feet. The ETFE membrane is pneumatic to provide insulation and has the option to be fritted/printed on to provide a pleasant ambient glow within our school. It can also be inflated with gases that can respond to environmental factors. ETFE is not only water proof, but also breathable to help maintain indoor air quality.