Frontier High School’s library is underused, so the school would like to redesign the interior of its library. The school’s hopes are to attract more students and provide them with a place to socialize and do research.

How did we interpret the school’s interest to redesign the library?

  • To bring students together and foster both intellectual and casual discussions among them
  • To provide students with a flexible space that will adapt to their own learning methods

How does our design fulfill these goals?

  • We attract the students upon entering the library by designing the social lounge in the path of the entrance
  • Curved lounge steps–that act as seats–and shelves fluidly connect louder and quieter spaces, and separate different study zones
  • The curved object centering the library is highlighted with lights that create a campfire atmosphere to draw in students around the table and collaborate
  • In the flexible classroom area movable walls allow students and teachers to define the space to their personal needs for discussion and teaching

Challenging the Design Prompt

  • We feel the need to remove the partition wall dividing the computer room from the rest of the library, because students need to feel connected to the era that they live in in order to fully operate and succeed in a space. The visual connection to the computers is necessary to exude the atmosphere of living in a digital age.

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By: Yonne Hack, Annabelle Nikolov, Benson Thai