Now that you have each developed your own schematic design for the Open Source Learning Academy, we begin an intensive phase of design development with a “project swap” and now working in teams of two.  But how to begin take on someone else’s schematic design concept, and make it your own.  Enter: the interview.

All good interviews begin with preparation on the part of the interviewer.  Please take a minute to take stock of where we have been such as:

These should then form a great collection of important questions.  Best not to get lost in the details, but understanding what matters most.

Do please have fun with this, do please make direct quotes, as well as summarize in your own words.  And, it is a blog, so do please also link to images, process, etc that might work to illustrate comments that come from the interview.

After the interview – or better – during the interview, can you co-construct a diagram summarizing the concept?