The main challenge that I faced this quarter was not grasping the goals of open source learning or even how it applied to our project, but rather to stop talking about it and start DOING it. I found that this challenge was present in all phases of the project, however once it was recognized, it was more of a tool than a hindrance. While talking can only get you so far, and i believe we as a studio approached those limits in winter quarter especially, applying those concepts beyond a philosophical level is where real progress was made. I believe that this challenge was a catalyst for my design process, and provided a new mindset when approaching a problem. I believe that this process itself is a result of the Open Source Learning mentality, encouraging the open flow of ideas rather than one mind sifting its way through the problem. The result was conversations that had less to do with requirements and more to do with what best communicated our ideas. I hope to take this mindset forward in all future designs, as it strengthens not only my understanding of the project, but others’ as well.

Over the last 20 weeks, to many questions to count have crossed my mind. What is open Source? Whats a Cluster? Does Mark eat food or just synthesize energy from good architecture? All these questions are important and many of them i will carry forward into future studios. However one question that goes back to the beginning of the quarter is How does an idea impact the story i am trying to tell? I found myself asking that question in one form or another during every modification or addition to our project as it allowed us to focus on what we thought was most important and develop that with our concept in mind. I will continue to ask myself that question as i design in the future and ideally more answers will follow.